Stolen Donor - Book Review


I did everything that was expected of me. I got good grades, went to a good college; I never even had a boyfriend, which for a normal girl of twenty-two was practically unheard of. My life was safe, predictable. That all changed when Dominic kidnapped me, robbing me of the cookie-cutter life I so carefully handcrafted. I was abducted and a new me was born. 

I spent so long uncovering secrets that it was becoming a bit of a specialty for me. After watching Hailey for twelve months I knew the secrets she held—the repressed temptation that called to men like me. Stealing her was easy, making her fall in love with me, even easier. It was the feeling she sparked in me that I had no control over. A feeling I never expected. But the one thing that threatened to unravel us both was my secret, the reason I took her in the first place. 

Dominic and Hailey were two people from two different worlds, and some paths should never cross.

WARNING: This book contains situations that some may find offensive. Please read with caution if you are sensitive to dubious consent or graphic language.

3 Stars

I picked this book up awhile ago on a whim.

Dominic is a power business man who is used to getting what he wants. He wants Hailey. She's perfect in every way. So when the right opportunity arises he kidnaps her, like any potential boyfriend would. He secludes her and makes her dependent on him for everything. There by forcing a bond between them. Until he has her to the point of trusting him, then the floor falls out from beneath the both of them. 

He didn't start out wanting Hailey to be his girlfriend/lover. It started out as a need for her based on how she could save him. She was just a pawn in his life. Was everything he said and did for her real? The tide changes and Hailey is no longer able to save him. Will he just discard her? Or has the obsession turned into love?

This story is told by both Hailey and Dominic. I have to say I was really confused as to why he would do what he did. I'd think there would be other channels to get what he wants. It just seemed out of character for powerful, businessman to stoop to kidnapping. I guess I just wanted more from Dom. Hailey has Stockholm syndrome by the end of the book. Well, he didn't kill me, so he must love me? Yeah, he didn't let you go either.

The sex was good. The chemistry that Dom forces between them is good. But the entire kidnapping thing just threw me. Dom kept me guessing as to what would happen next between them. One minute he was a brute and then next he was tender. It's like he didn't know himself. That was confusing for me. Be consistent.