Honor Bound - Book Review

HONOR BOUND: A Highland Adventure


Laura Strickland

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Scottish Historical Romance

Following the disastrous defeat of the clans at Culloden, Scottish Chief’s son Diarmad Ramsay makes his dying father a promise. Diarmad will play the part of Bonny Prince Charlie in an effort to help the true Prince escape the Highlands. With only the fiery Mara MacIvor for guide and with danger on his heels, he must risk all for a Cause in which he no longer believes.

Mara MacIvor considers Ramsay a poor substitute for her beloved Prince. Ramsay may be one of the bonniest men she’s ever met and a braw sight with a sword in his hand, but his disillusionment makes a wide gulf between them. Pursued through the Highlands by Sassenachs and ruthless Highland renegades bent on claiming the price on Prince Charlie’s head, their physical attraction soon becomes a conflagration. But will they ever be bound by more than Diarmad’s vow of honor?

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3.5 Stars

The Bonny Prince needs to get away to safety.  His only hope is look alikes to draw them away.  Ramsay is on the run with Mara.  she doesn't seem to like him, due to his lack of interest.  He's doing a great service to the cause.

As they travel Mara notices Ramsay for who he is.  not who he is trying to be.  but can there be a future for them?  Especially after all this?

This is a fast paced book that keeps you wondering what will happen.  But I never felt like I was in the story with them.