Finding My Highlander - Book Review

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On a windswept cliff above San Francisco Bay in 2013, 27 year-old Andra Cameron, the last member of her family, prepares to scatter her family's ashes to the wind. An earthquake catapults her to the Scottish Highlands in 1705. She wakes, aching and bloody, to the sound of horses thundering through the trees. Terrified and with no other options, Andra accompanies these rugged warriors. She can't deny the undeniable attraction that ignites between herself and the handsome but gruff Kendrick. Will she trust him to provide protection in the harsh reality of 18th century Scotland and with her secret, or will she find a way to return home to the 21st century?

Laird Kendrick MacLean and his men, escaping a recent skirmish with their worst nemeses, clan Cameron and their Sassenach allies, are shocked to find an injured, unprotected female in their path. How could she not know her kin and how had she landed in the middle of the wilderness alone? His men suspect she's a spy or a witch. Still, Kendrick will not abandon an injured woman, even if she speaks unusually accented English, and her name is Cameron. Will he ransom her to others or will their closed hearts open to each other? Although he questions her every utterance, this feisty, outspoken woman inflames his desire like no other.

4 Stars

I love a book that sweeps you away, transporting you to a new time and place.
Especially when there are hot men around. 
I'm always down for that!!

Andra just lost her father and she is heading to Scottland to spread his ashes.
Only it happened in a much different way then an airplane ride.

Swept back in time to the 1700's she is faced with a group of Highlanders.
The leader, Laird Kendrick MacLean takes her with them.
Better to have the enemy close, then running around.
She is full of mystery and refuses to tell him where she came from.
What he does know is that she is 
able to care for his brother and that means a great deal to him.

Thru their travels and upheavals they grow close.
He gave up happiness when his wife and child died.
With Andra, Kendrick is alive again.  
He wants her.
She wants him.
If only she would tell him the truth about where she came from.
When she does, Kendrick can hardly believe her.
Is his love for her strong enough to believe her?

I loved how things progressed with this book.  It flowed nicely, there 
was never a dull moment.  Andra acted out quit a bit.
Women of now days are hardly like the women back then.
She proved her worth to Kendrick and his clan.
Andra is a strong woman, who is willing to take 
What I didn't like, was the ending.
How she had to go back and try.
Be happy with what you have and go with it.