How to write a book review for Amazon or GoodReads

You've just finished a GREAT book and what to shout it to the four corners of the Earth for everyone to read!  Great idea!  But I don't think there is a mega phone big enough to do that.  Unless you write a book review.  Which is an awesome idea, because that will surely reach a lot of people.  And help them decide if this is book they'd like to read or not.

Writing that it was a great book, isn't telling people what was great about the book.  Those are the reviews I don't even count.  You didn't give me enough.  You gave me a statement, but nothing to back it up with.  Or if you didn't like the book and just wrote, it's boring.  Ok, what was boring about it?  What did you not like?

Here are some pointers, that I use when writing my book reviews.

1.  Give a brief overview of the book.

     No spoilers please.  That ruins the book for everyone.  You want to hint at things, draw people in.  Tickle their imaginations.  Show me why I should read this book.  Use the authors name in the review too.  Bring it back to the person who wrote it. Amy Garnet wrote with such feeling and experience that it brought me to tears.  

2.  Give good points.

     I loved this book because;

           1.  The characters were well written and likable.  They resonated with me.  I felt what they                       were feeling.

           2.  Fast paced plot that kept me hooked from page 1 to the end!  Couldn't put it down.  I                           needed to know what was going to happen next.

          3.  What made you fall in love with this book?

3.  Give bad points, if there are any.

     This book really let me down;

          1.  Spelling/grammar problems.  I don't really focus to much on this unless it's really bad.  If I                  have to reread things constantly I'm less likely to finish your book. We don't want that.

          2.  Weak characters.  In  your opinion why were they weak?  Explain.

          3.  What made you dislike the book?

In the end, you are doing a great service to the author who will be ecstatic that you took the time to not only read, but review their book too!  We all like to be told we are doing a good job. If the book review isn't favorable, hopefully the author will learn from it.