Dick - Book Review


The day I met Dick I instantly knew four things. One, he was as handsome of a man as I had ever seen. Two, he was filthy rich. Three, he was a dick. And four, he was *ahem* gifted. 

In time I learned much more about him. 

Things that would have made most women run away. 

But I’m not most women. So, instead of running away, I ran in his direction. 

Dick didn’t have a place for a woman in his life. He was a bad boy. Not a wannabe bad boy that tried to act the part. Oh no, he was the real deal. Money. Guns. Fast cars. Cops always one step behind him… 

On our first date, while in his Ferrari, we got into a high-speed chase with the police. 

That was only the beginning. 

From there, things only got better. 

Or worse. 

I guess that depends on who you are, and what you’re afraid of. 

Me? I wasn’t afraid of Dick, his manner of living life, or his dickish ways. 

I wanted him to be mine. 

But, with a man like Dick, things are never easy. 

My name’s Jess. 

This story’s mine - although I’ll never admit to it in a court of law. 

DICK is a stand-alone full-length novel with an HEA and no cheating. Due to the adult content, please be 18 years or older to enjoy this read.

4 stars

Love how this book starts, basically with the ending. You get that something went down and some bad shit happened, but you need to read the book to figure it all out.  That's what makes it great.  This is a fast paced book, that keeps you gripping your Kindle for dear life!

The chemistry between Dick and Jess is undeniable.  She's just as crazy as he is.  She add the fuel to his fire and helps him look at things differently, offering  better options.  With that being said, some of the things she said in the book, made me not like her, but then other things.  It made me want to be here friend.  Like when she wants it to be hers.  She wants to claim Dick's dick - MINE!  love it.
But other things she said or did, like when she went off on some guy, or kept trying to eat the oyster, really just stop, it grossed me out and Dick!  But together they have just the right amount of crazy.  

There is plenty of hot sex - thank you, Mr. Hildreth!  I can always be assured it won't be glossed over. There is also a good plot/story line too. They seem like an unlikely duo, but it works.  Mr. Hildreth always makes it work.  Do yourself a favor, pick up the book.  Also, pick up anything else by Scott Hildreth too.