An Uncertain Destiny - Book Review

After reading Outlander I was yearning similar books.  I came across a link from PopSugar; 23 books to read if you LOVED Outlander

Happily this book was on there and it was free with my Kindle Unlimited. 
Double points!
I didn't read it right aways those.  It didn't appeal to me at first.
This week I just randomly flipped it up on my Kindle and couldn't put it down!
I was hooked from the first chapter!

There is love, romance, danger, and history!


Haunting visions have plagued Megan Pendrake for years, a dire promise of a turbulent future. When Megan and her brother are forced to flee England aboard a ship bound for the colonies, trouble looms. In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts is a hotbed of suspicion and persecution where the mere hint of witchcraft is a death sentence. Remaining in Salem is courting disaster, but Megan’s heart won't allow her to leave the man she has grown to love.

Nicholas Thayer is mesmerized by the beautiful, unconventional young woman who boards his ship posing as a cabin boy. But his future is predetermined, including a fiancée waiting for him at home. When Megan faces inconceivable peril, Nicholas must make the ultimate choice between family and faith or a love he can’t deny. But will he be able to save them both from An Uncertain Destiny?

4 Stars

Megan has the power to see the future.  A gift or a curse?  She can't decide.
Her grandma says it's a gift, to be used.  Everyone else says curse.
Only time will tell.

Duncan and Megan flee England, with the collectors hot on their heels.
They board a ship, Captained by Nicholas Thayer, who employs Michael/Megan as his 
cabin boy.  It's soon found out that Megan is not Michael is not a he but 
a she.  A very pretty she, that Nicholas likes very much.

His hands are tied!  He can not think of Megan as anything but a friend.
Nicholas' heart and little brain have other ideas!
They want her.
They need her!
They will have her!
At any cost!!

Not everyone is happy when Nicholas introduces Duncan and Megan Pendrake.
She is seen as a thorn in the side.
She is not like Puritan women, she is not meek and mild.
She is different, which is NOT good.

Megan keeps seeing visions and isn't sure what they mean.
Is she in trouble?
Is Nicholas in trouble?
What is happening?
If only grandmother was there to help guide her.

This story is told from Megan and Nicholas' POV.
You'll hear her side and then his side.  
It's amazing to read.  The history that is added makes it better.
Ms. Gallant wrote a superb book filled with amazing characters that 
are all well rounded. 
Once I started I was unable to put this book down. 
I was swept away on the tides with this book.  Traveled the sea with Megan, Duncan,
Jake, Nicholas, and the crew!
Felt the pain and anguish of not understanding why
someone would accuse you of being a witch!
Felt the love and heartache between Megan and Nicholas. 

I was sad to finish the book but also happy too.
There is no cliffhanger, yeah!


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt review. You made my day!


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