Spring Cleaning....

Spring is here!
Ok, maybe not yeah for us allergy suffers.

With Spring comes spring cleaning. 
I hate this.
But after being cooped up in the house with the windows shut
all winter, it's time to fling open the windows,
hang the blankets on the line to soak up the sun and spring air,
and clean.

Even though I have a Kindle, I do amass a good number of 
books.  I do pass around my books, I lose a few and I gain a few.
It's like the Bermuda Triangle of books in my office.
Anyhow, I going to try and purge some books.
I already started with my Kindle.  I had over 2K books.
I'm sure there are people who have more.
Selfie high five!

I just felt the need to remove the dead wood laying around!
Let's face it some of these books I've had on my Kindle for over 4 years. 
Did you read that?  FOUR YEARS!
And I still haven't read them.  
I'm horrified at that.
And a little ashamed.

Here's what my brain says:  You haven't read them in 4 years, you're not going too.
My heart: But they need a loving home!
Brain:  PURGE!
Heart:  NO!
Brain:  Finger hit delete!
Heart:  *Crying

So now I'm down to a few hundred books.
I did keep some books I love.
Archer's Voice, Storm, and some other random tid bits.
I'll never read them again.
But I loved them so much, I had to keep them.
Sorry brain, my heart needed to keep a few!

There are plenty of crafts you can do with old books.
I don't advocate destroying a book.
My first choice is to donate or have a book exchange party!
That's just me.

Some of my books are autographed, those books will NEVER leave
my possession.  The author took the time
to sign their name for me.
And I appreciate it.

When purging books I ask myself:

1.  Will I read this again?

2.  Do I know someone who would want to read it?

3.  Is this book mine?  Sometimes a friend 
loans me a book.  It goes on a pile and I forget 
who the owner is.  Now, I put a note in. 
Book from Jackie!

4.  If it's an old book, I check online to see the value
before I just set out for the yard sale.
That has earned me hundreds of $$$ - for
new books.

5.  Could the library use this book as part of their sale
to raise money?  
I love donating books to my library's yearly sale.
Anyway to help them make money is a plus in  my book.

So now are you ready to spring clean your books?
For every 2 books you purge, you can buy 5 more.
Sounds good?!

Happy Spring Cleaning!