Fearing Love - Book Review

Fearing life is no way to live, but for Jessica Garrison, it’s the only thing she knows. After she lost her mother to cancer, she couldn’t bring herself to live with her father any longer. The lies and deceit she protected her mother from during the last months of her life now felt like betraying the loving woman who lost her life. Jessica left her childhood home at the age of seventeen, expecting to find a life free from lies, drugs, and adultery; what she found was anything but. Forced to learn the harsh realities in life, she endured years of abuse. Jessica escaped; but her escape came with a price. Now, Jessica lives in fear of the day Brandon will find her. Will she be able to piece her life back together or stay trapped living in fear for the rest of her life?

4 Stars

Fear.  Something Jessica feels all the time.  
Fear that he'll find her.
Fear that he'll hurt her.
The control he has over her.

I will be honest, this book had me ugly crying, when we read
about Jessica's past and what she dealt with.
It was hard to read because you felt her
pain, her betrayal, her FEAR. 

Then Logan falls into her lap.  
She is unsure of him.
She is unsure of herself.
But they are mutually attracted to each other.
By chance, he needs a place to stay and she needs
a roommate. 
Seems doable.
But the FEAR is always there for Jessica.
Lurking just beneath her skin.
With Logan living with her, she is now putting Logan's life
at risk too.

This is a well-written book.  Especially about Jessica's past.
You feel every emotion that she feels.
It was sad and I felt like she needed a hug
and to be told that she mattered.
Insta-love, I'm not a big fan.  
Logan and Jessica, just take off running.

I enjoyed Logan.
He was everything that Jessica needed/wanted.

This book moves fast, I read it in one day.  
I was engulfed in what would happen.
Would Jessica take the chance with Logan?
What about Brandon?
If Brandon was real, I'd kick him in the balls.


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