Dangerous Ties - Book Review

He was bold, intoxicating, and held a darkness that pulled at my heart-strings. 

I wanted him from the very first moment I saw him across the dance floor at the club. 

She was quiet, but her eyes and body said everything her words couldn't. I didn't know who she was when I took her and made her my own. 

We had already crossed a dangerous line—a line where there was no coming back. We were on the run. From whom, I didn't know, but he told me it would all be okay, and he would do whatever he could to protect me from the people who were hunting us. 

What I failed to see was how the monster had always been right within reach. Now that I was a part of his world, his life, and hopefully, his heart, could I survive the carnage that was about to take place? 

The ties that bound us were also the ties that would end us.

I loved him, and now all that was left for me was death.

4 Stars

Lunch time read.

Grayson just wants to get laid and do his job, in that order. Not do his job, then get laid. He'd be to dirty and what woman would want that? None. 

When he see's Ellie, he knows she is above him, but he's going to have her. One way or another. 

A cluster fuck causes him to not get laid. This can't be happening. NOoooo!

Ellie see's Grayson for what and who he really is and it brings her past to life again. This can't be happening, she needs to run, but she can't. Taken by Grayson to his house is the last thing she wants. Or is it?

Ties are closer then you think.

I was entranced by Grayson, the perpetual bad guy. Ohhhh. He made me smile all thru lunch. I kept wondering about him, about his past and what his future held. Could he live up to his promises? Definitely worth reading. I grabbed it for free from Kindle Unlimited.