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Fearing Love - Book Review

Fearing life is no way to live, but for Jessica Garrison, it’s the only thing she knows. After she lost her mother to cancer, she couldn’t bring herself to live with her father any longer. The lies and deceit she protected her mother from during the last months of her life now felt like betraying the loving woman who lost her life. Jessica left her childhood home at the age of seventeen, expecting to find a life free from lies, drugs, and adultery; what she found was anything but. Forced to learn the harsh realities in life, she endured years of abuse. Jessica escaped; but her escape came with a price. Now, Jessica lives in fear of the day Brandon will find her. Will she be able to piece her life back together or stay trapped living in fear for the rest of her life?

4 Stars

Fear.  Something Jessica feels all the time.  
Fear that he'll find her.
Fear that he'll hurt her.
The control he has over her.

I will be honest, this book had me ugly crying, when we read
about Jessica's past and what she dealt with.
It was hard to read because you felt her
pain, her betrayal, her FEAR. 

Then Logan falls into her lap.  
She is unsure of him.
She is unsure of herself.
But they are mutually attracted to each other.
By chance, he needs a place to stay and she needs
a roommate. 
Seems doable.
But the FEAR is always there for Jessica.
Lurking just beneath her skin.
With Logan living with her, she is now putting Logan's life
at risk too.

This is a well-written book.  Especially about Jessica's past.
You feel every emotion that she feels.
It was sad and I felt like she needed a hug
and to be told that she mattered.
Insta-love, I'm not a big fan.  
Logan and Jessica, just take off running.

I enjoyed Logan.
He was everything that Jessica needed/wanted.

This book moves fast, I read it in one day.  
I was engulfed in what would happen.
Would Jessica take the chance with Logan?
What about Brandon?
If Brandon was real, I'd kick him in the balls.

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Love Me - Like That - Book Review

It’s a battle between her head and her heart.
Bailey Reynolds never thought she would ever in her life have to choose between someone that will give her everything she wants in life and someone that makes her feel like she is everything in his life. How does this southern spitfire choose between what her heart wants versus what her head tells her she wants? 

Can make her dreams come true
Reaches in the sky and buys any star she desires
Wants to set up a perfect life for her with everything she needs or could want
But every so often can't dry her tears

He's not perfect but he was until ~ CASH

Sets her world on fire.
He is everything her heart wants but, not necessarily what her head wants.
He creates his own stars and catches all her tears.
But is love enough?

Sometimes life is full of hard choices but that is when the biggest blessing take root.

4 Stars

Prepare yourself for this emotional roller coaster. It's so worth it!
There will be parts that make you want to scream and toss your kindle.
Then there will be parts where your heart just melts!

Bailey is the caregiver to her grandparents. She put her life on hold to care for family, just like they did for her years ago. Hendrix, Bailey's boyfriend has enough money to buy the world. But not enough to buy Bailey or her family. She struggles with the relationship with Hendrix, he runs hot and cold all in one sentence. 

Cash & his mom move in across from Bailey and her grandparents. He instantly likes her and wants her. But she has a bratty boyfriend who is mean and rude to her. She deserves better and when the moment comes Cash will be waiting for her. 

Life tosses Bailey curve ball after curve ball. Hendrix is only there after the fact, trying to make things right by buying things. But Cash is there to help her during the crisis and to lean on when she is exhausted and emotionally burned out. Her heart tells her to be with Cash. But what about the history with Hendrix? 

I blew thru this book. I couldn't put it down. I needed to know what was going to happen between Hendrix and Bailey, Cash and Bailey, and even Cash and Hendrix! There were things about Cash that I didn't like. As in not telling Bailey the truth about certain financial things. But I could overlook that because he loved her. He truly loves her. He fought for her, he showed her, he left her be who she is and didn't try to change her. That's love. Accepting someone for who they are, not trying to mold them into what you want.

Stricken - 3/30 - Promo

 Title: Stricken
Series: The War Scrolls Series #1
By: A.K. Morgen
Publication Date: March 8, 2016
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy/PNR
Tour Schedule 
It took only four months to bring the angels to their knees… With a virus ravaging the fallen angels on earth, mankind’s symbol of love and hope is at risk of extinction. Centuries ago, a group of angelic warriors known as The Fallen risked everything to save themselves and carve a future for their kind. Hope slips away as The Fallen and their kin are cut down by an ancient menace, LaMorte Nera—and no one saw it coming. Only one immortal can save them, and only one mortal can stand in his way… When Nephilim warrior Killian St. James sets out on a quest to find a cure, he and his blade-brothers discover nineteen-year-old Aubrey Carter—a human with a past as dark as it is mysterious—cowering in an abandoned house in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. The corrupted races are chasing her, and Killian is determined to find out why… But neither he nor Aubrey are prepared for their attraction to one another, or for the frightening truths lurking in the shadows. The painful childhood memories Aubrey has buried hold precious answers. Answers that threaten to tear Killian's world apart. With her life hanging in the balance, Killian must choose between the future of The Fallen, and the human girl he's pledged to protect. Demons are rising, and this time they plan to win the war for dominion once and for all.
Amazon UK -
Amazon CA -
Killian stepped forward, forcing her to tilt her head back to look up at him. He still seemed so big to her. He still overwhelmed her. But he didn’t frighten her anymore.
“You look tired.” She fought the urge to lift her hand to touch his gorgeous face.
“I am,” he said, the corner of his lips turning up in a half smile.
He stared down at her, his half smile slipping. A dizzying parade of emotions swirled through his eyes. She couldn’t read them all, but she understood enough. He felt as torn as she did.
“Will I remember you three years from now?” she whispered, her heart aching with the fear that she would forget him as she had so much else…and with fear that she would remember him. That she would survive this nightmare and he would haunt her for the rest of her days like so much else did.
“Do you want to remember me?” He took another step in her direction.
“I don’t know.”  She frowned, confused. “You make me feel like maybe the world isn’t so bad. Like maybe I’m safe with you. I don’t think I want to forget that.”
Killian tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and cupped her cheek gently in one big hand. “You are safe with me. I won’t let anyone hurt you, Aubrey.”
She stared at him for a long, silent moment. He’d promised before that he wouldn’t hurt her, but even then an unspoken fear had stood between them like a wall. A little voice whispered that if she got too close, he would hurt her as badly as the things in her past hurt. That voice had stopped whispering when he’d kissed her today, and wasn’t that odd?
“You hurt me today.”
He bowed his head, letting his hand fall away from her face. “I’m sorry.”
Her heart ached a little at the agonized way he said it. As if it shamed him to know he’d hurt her. As if, maybe, he cared more than he should too.
“Why did you?” she asked, not accusing, but curious. She wanted to understand him. No, she needed to understand him on some level she couldn’t even explain to herself. “You wanted me, didn’t you?”
His gaze sought hers, honesty shining from his angel-bright eyes. “More than you know.”
Aubrey took a deep breath, letting her lungs fill with air even as her heart filled with his confession. And just as quickly, the buoyant feeling vanished. “It doesn’t change anything, though, does it?” she whispered.
“Do you want it to?”
She hesitated for a long moment, unsure. And then her shoulders slumped, the breath she’d taken expelling in a long sigh. “I’m sorry.”
Killian gave her a sad smile and reached for her again. He swept a finger beneath her eye, collecting the teardrop she hadn’t even realized had fallen. “No apologies,” he whispered, bringing his finger to his mouth. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and lapped that single bead of moisture from his fingertip. “You owe me nothing.”
If that was true, why did she feel like crying?
A.K. Morgen is the Amazon Bestselling author of the Ragnarök Prophesies series. She lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood sweetheart/husband of twelve years, and their five furry minions. When not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering, causing mischief, and building a Spork army. Ayden graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law. She currently puts her education to use in the social services and CJ field. Ayden also writes New Adult and contemporary romance under the penname Ayden K. Morgen. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, or via her website at

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Beneath The Layers - Book Blast

Beneath The Layers - Blast Banner


TITLE – Beneath the Layers
SERIES (& book #) – 1st book in a duology (must be read in order)
AUTHOR – Mia Rivers
GENRE – Contemporary Romance/Steamy suspense
PUBLISHER – Self Published
COVER ARTIST – Kari Ayasha from Cover to Cover Designs

Beneath The Layers - Cover


I have a secret.
A secret that no-one besides my boyfriend, my mother and I know. A secret from my past which has me trapped in a relationship from hell.
Refusing to tell a soul, I’ve kept it balled up inside for the past few years, trying to seem composed for the world while my reality was the complete opposite. I gave up on any hopes of a different life. A life where love and happiness existed. Alex, personally saw to it himself. He made sure it was drilled deep within my brain. This was the hand that life had dealt me. The life I learned to accept.
Until the day I bumped into Nick.
A gorgeous man who's haunted my thoughts and awakened my desires. A man, whose persistence turned my world upside down, more than it already was. The same man who also happened to be my boss and had a secret of his own. A secret that I couldn't decipher, even when it stood right in front of me. A secret that would blow me away.
My name is Tara and this is my story.


Authors Log - Mia Rivers


Mia Rivers lives in sunny South Florida with her super-cool son. She channeled her deep-rooted passions for reading and writing into the creation of her very own fictional world and characters.
When she's not writing, she can be found listening to a good band, hanging out with friends, or planning a future trip. But, you'll rarely see her without her treasured Kindle. Especially, when she's getting her daily coffee fix at Starbucks.


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The Dating Tutor -Blog Tour

The Dating Tutor: Sasha's Story
Melissa Frost

contemporary romance/sexuality
Evernight Teen Publishing, 33K

Sasha is perfectly content with her single status. That is until Matt Wendell walks into her life. He’s the best friend of her cousin, Alec, and the last guy she should get involved with. She’s learned that hearts are too easily broken, and Matt is known for his lack of commitment.

Alec introduces the two under the strict instructions that Matt is to learn how to become friends with a woman. This task proves difficult, as Matt turns out to be charming, interesting, and everything Sasha could ever want in a boyfriend. Alec’s instructions get harder with each passing day, yet Sasha isn’t blind to Matt’s past.

Is she willing to give her heart over to a self-proclaimed player? Can this non-committal hockey stud change his ways? Or will he end up breaking her heart?

Buy Links:    Evernight Teen    ARe     Amazon    Bookstrand
14+ for sexuality and adult situations

Football. The imbecile didn’t even realize it was the soccer field. The football team practiced halfway across campus. “Something like that,” she said with amusement, longing to see his reaction to her plans. Stepping back from the trunk, she turned to fully face him. Her eyes roved over his face for a moment before she closed the small distance between them. She slipped her arms around his waist and leaned in against his chest. She amped up her flirting to the next level, wanting him to let his guard down completely. “Before we get started … kiss me. I want to know what your lips feel like against mine. I want to know what you taste like.”
Without any hesitation, he lowered his lips over hers.
And that was when Sasha pulled back with a snort. “Alec was right. You have absolutely no idea what it’s like being friends with a girl. You went into this with the instruction of ‘friends only’. Yet you’re trying to kiss me ten minutes in.” Shaking her head, she grabbed the edges of her sundress and pulled it up over her head. Underneath, she wore a sports bra and a pair of bike shorts. From the trunk, she produced a pair of knee-high socks and cleats.
Matt took a step back, looking thoroughly stunned.
She turned her back on him, reaching into her trunk for her soccer ball as she hid her smile. It really was a shame: Matt was a charismatic guy, and he was so darn good-looking. He was into sports, same as her, and they shared a close confidant in Alec. If she could just get him to break down his walls and drop his act, there was a possibility they truly could be friends. His adaption to the change in plans now would tell her just how likely that outcome could be.
She roughly tossed the ball in his direction, and he barely managed to catch it. Apparently, he was still working through confusion and surprise at her abrupt change of attitude. She would just need to help him along to a more modern way of thinking. “You know, the majority of us don’t discuss lip gloss,” Sasha said with a snicker, referring to a tidbit Alec had shared of Matt’s skewed views on women. “If you’d ever bothered to hold a real conversation with a girl, you’d know that.” She bent at the waist and threw her hair down toward the ground. Gathering it in one hand, she bundled it all together in a high ponytail atop her head.
Flipping back up to face him, she placed her hands on her hips. “Game on, Matty. Time to learn what it’s like to actually hang out with a girl.” Ticking items off on her fingers, she made a list of all the things they wouldn’t be doing. “No candlelight dinners. No kissing. No eyelash batting. No flirting. I’m going to kick your ass out on that field, and make you question everything you know about women.”

*   *   *   *   *

Author Bio:
Melissa Frost grew up loving young adult novels and continues to immerse herself in the current authors on the market. In the fifth grade, she won a writing competition to work with children’s author Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna, and it inspired her to write stories of her own. She never looked back.

Undertakers - Release Celebration

Undertakers 5 RDB
Happy Release Day to
The Undertakers 5: End of the World by Ty Drago!!
Join us in celebrating this release from Month9Books!
Enter the giveaway found at the end of the post.
Happy Book Birthday, Ty!
Undertakers 5 Cover
The Corpse War is over. Or at least Will Ritter thought the war was over. But Will quickly changes his mind when he is led through a doorway in time and finds himself in a future where the Earth has been all but destroyed. The Corpses, alien invaders who wear the dead like suits of clothing, have returned in horrific numbers. In the wake of their destructive onslaught, a rag-tag group of survivors with some of Will’s now grownup friends among them is all that’s left of mankind. Will must take part in a desperate, last ditch effort to rewrite history, prevent the Second Corpse War from ever happening, and defeat this evil that has consumed mankind once and for all. But victory, if such a thing is even possible, carries a heavy cost.
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The Undertakers 5: End of the Word by Ty Drago Publication Date: March 29, 2016 Publisher: Month9Books
Ty Drago
Ty Drago does his writing just across the river from Philadelphia, where the Undertakers novels take place. In addition to The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses, The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead, and The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater, he is the author of The Franklin Affair and Phobos, as well as short stories and articles that have appeared in numerous publications, including Writer's Digest. He currently lives in southern New Jersey with his wife and best friend, the real Helene Drago née Boettcher.
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Spring Cleaning....

Spring is here!
Ok, maybe not yeah for us allergy suffers.

With Spring comes spring cleaning. 
I hate this.
But after being cooped up in the house with the windows shut
all winter, it's time to fling open the windows,
hang the blankets on the line to soak up the sun and spring air,
and clean.

Even though I have a Kindle, I do amass a good number of 
books.  I do pass around my books, I lose a few and I gain a few.
It's like the Bermuda Triangle of books in my office.
Anyhow, I going to try and purge some books.
I already started with my Kindle.  I had over 2K books.
I'm sure there are people who have more.
Selfie high five!

I just felt the need to remove the dead wood laying around!
Let's face it some of these books I've had on my Kindle for over 4 years. 
Did you read that?  FOUR YEARS!
And I still haven't read them.  
I'm horrified at that.
And a little ashamed.

Here's what my brain says:  You haven't read them in 4 years, you're not going too.
My heart: But they need a loving home!
Brain:  PURGE!
Heart:  NO!
Brain:  Finger hit delete!
Heart:  *Crying

So now I'm down to a few hundred books.
I did keep some books I love.
Archer's Voice, Storm, and some other random tid bits.
I'll never read them again.
But I loved them so much, I had to keep them.
Sorry brain, my heart needed to keep a few!

There are plenty of crafts you can do with old books.
I don't advocate destroying a book.
My first choice is to donate or have a book exchange party!
That's just me.

Some of my books are autographed, those books will NEVER leave
my possession.  The author took the time
to sign their name for me.
And I appreciate it.

When purging books I ask myself:

1.  Will I read this again?

2.  Do I know someone who would want to read it?

3.  Is this book mine?  Sometimes a friend 
loans me a book.  It goes on a pile and I forget 
who the owner is.  Now, I put a note in. 
Book from Jackie!

4.  If it's an old book, I check online to see the value
before I just set out for the yard sale.
That has earned me hundreds of $$$ - for
new books.

5.  Could the library use this book as part of their sale
to raise money?  
I love donating books to my library's yearly sale.
Anyway to help them make money is a plus in  my book.

So now are you ready to spring clean your books?
For every 2 books you purge, you can buy 5 more.
Sounds good?!

Happy Spring Cleaning!