Love Me Like That - Book Review


Two strangers trapped together in a blizzard. 

One running from the past; one with no future. 

Two destinies collide. 

London Sykes is on her own for the first time in her life after a sequence of betrayal and abuse. One man rescues her only to destroy her himself. An unfortunate accident lands her in a ditch only to be rescued by the most closed-off man she’s ever met, albeit undeniably handsome. 

Kadin Cole is at the cabin in the woods for the very first and the very last time. Since his grief doesn’t allow for him to return home to a life he’s no longer able to live alone, he’s finally made what has been the hardest decision of his life. His plans change drastically when a beautiful woman in a little red car crashes into his life. 

How can she trust another man? 

How could he ever love again? 

Will happenstance and ensuing sexual attraction be enough to heal two hearts enough that they can see in themselves what the other sees? 

5 Stars

I'm not ready to give up Kadin.  I think we are soul mates!  If only he was real - *SIGH*

London thought Trent was the one.  He rescued her, loved her, and healed  her, at least she thought he did.  Until he betrayed her!  *GASP*  Kadin has baggage that he can't let go.  How can he move on when the love of his life is gone?  He can't and wants to end it all.  Then he meets London, who is stuck in a ditch.  From there it's kismet between them.  He's what she wants and she is what he needs.  They are two  pieces of a puzzle coming together to form one.  

As much as they both try to fight it, they can't.  They are pulled together by the universe.
London needs him to love her and cherish her, while Kadin needs her to
remind him to live and love, that life does go on and he is 
allowed to be happy. 
But is it to late for Kadin?  
Can London bring him back from the edge?

It's a beautiful story.  My heart went out to both of them.  I felt the heart brake, the betrayal.  I was on a roller coaster with this book.  I cried, I moaned, I love Kadin.  He had all the amazing qualities that a lead male should have.  Yeah, he did it for me.  I read this book so fast, now I miss him!  I'm going to have a book hangover for awhile.