Fuck Buddy - Book Review

This book hasn't been out for very long, but it's by Scott Hildreth and it was free on my Kindle Unlimited.  No brainer - PICK IT UP!!
Even if you don't have Kindle Unlimited, the book is only $3.99.
Still a bargain!!

You will NOT regret it!

I love this book!  I love Luke and Liv! 


Synopsis altered for Goodreads: HEA, no cheating, no sex outside the relationship. This is a best friends to lovers love story with a great fucking ending. A happy one. 

Luke and Liv have been best friends since childhood, and after seven years of failed internet 'relationships', Liv turns to Luke one night after 6 glasses of wine and suggests...

"Let's be fuck buddies"

Liv is cute, strong, and has been in love with Luke since kindergarten. Luke is a free spirit who doesn't conform to society or its belief system. Luke's only problem? Luke has a kink. In his opinion, he likes 'weird sex'. 

Liv agrees to the weird sex, and Luke agrees to the fuck buddy relationship. BUT. They both agree, they must remain friends regardless. 

Prepare to laugh, fall in love, stand up and cheer, and learn a few things. OH, and buy a new set of batteries first. And, as an added bonus, after FUCK BUDDY, there is a FREE copy of the entire stand-alone, HEA, no cliff hanger #1 Best Selling (2015) novel "Blurred Lines" for your enjoyment.

5 Stars

Liv is done with dating, she's had enough of the lying men who just want a tumble in the sack.  She swears off dating all together, but she has one major problem.  She is horny!  What's a girl to do? 
Her best friend Luke, they've been friends forever, looks like he could scratch the itch.  But would he be game?  Would it ruin their friendship if they ended up being Fuck Buddies?  Neither is willing to risk that!  

Taking the leap they learn each other and learn what they like is mutual.  But when a bomb shell is dropped onto Liv's lap, she freaks and stops everything.  She needs to work thru it and see that the love she has for Luke is way more important than anything else and she needs to support him, no matter what!  Well, because she loves him!

This is a quick read.  I love how Mr. Hildreth doesn't dick around, he gets right to the sweet spot.  Some of it had me raising my eyebrow and wondering what the hell was going on, but it was all explained and laid out.  The charm of Luke and Liv is so sweet.  He says things to her, that made my knees weak and my heart pitter patter.   There is a level of connection between the two that is tangible in the writing of the book.  They are more than soul mates, they are beyond that.