Filthy - Book Review


The boss told me to stay away from his daughter. I married her instead. 
I burned for Jessica from the moment I first locked eyes on her. One look at her body and all I could think about was what I could do to make her melt, how her lips would burn on my skin, the heat of her body. I was ready for her fire to consume me. All I wanted was a one night stand but the fire she lit inside me won't go out. 

She wants out. Her mafia family is bad news, and I'll do anything to keep her. 

I should stop playing with fire when her dad is threatening to burn me. The most powerful man in L.A. says I'm a dead man if I don't leave town, but what good is my life without her? 

He thinks he can take my wife away? Like hell. 

He'll have to go through me.

4 Stars

I loved Cain's dirty, filthy mouth and the things he did. LOVED it. 

Jessica is the daughter to the mob boss, promised to one of his goons, but she loves Cain, one of her dad's fighters. To get them out of situation, Jessica proposes marriage. It could save both of them. Is this what Cain wants? What about Jessica? And will it fix everything? 

Not much of a plot, but plenty of hot steamy sex. Kind of like a porno, but a damn good porno! I enjoyed this book. Like I said, I loved everything Cain said to Jessica. WOW! 

The man is raging bull of testosterone. I'm all in. 

I read this on my kindle, this story goes to 71% and then after that there is 2 chapters of the next book. Which looks equally as good! Can't wait to get my hands on Nick.