Unbreakable - Book Review

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From Bestselling Author, Abby Reynolds. 

This is a stand alone novel. It is not a cliffhanger. And it is the first novel in the Forehead Kisses Series.

Can there be too many pieces to piece back together?

This is a question Keira faces every day. It’s impossible for her to go anywhere unaccompanied by her cousin, the only person who knows what happened on that horrific night a year ago. The guilt and pain weigh her down every day. Unwilling to open up to anyone and give someone a chance, she lives in solitude.

For her, that’s the only way to live.

Liam struggles with his own demons. After losing someone who means the world to him, he combats his anger and pain on a daily basis. He dives into violence and sex, losing himself more and more. But as soon as he meets Keira, he recognizes the same pain he suffers every day. And he pursues her, wanting to connect to someone who understands.

Keira can’t put herself back together, and neither can Liam. But can they do it together?

4.5 Stars

What do you do when you trust no one?

What do you do when your heart decides it's time to trust again?

What do you do when someone earns your trust?

Keira is broken, she only trusts her cousin Scott, because she has no one else.  When Scott moves in, he starts to push Keira to open up and join life again.  She is introduced to Liam, but she is terrified of him and the prospect of being hurt.  He just wanted to give her a high five and she freaked out.  What is a guy supposed to do?  Try again!  Liam is great for Keira, he see's how she is, how she is scared and withdrawn and he goes slow, he takes the time to get to know her, for her to build the trust with him.  But all that could end in the blink of an eye, when Keira tells him of her past and learns what he does for a living.  Can Keira work thru this for Liam??  Can Liam help her?

I read this book in 2 days because I couldn't put it down!  Amazing.  I cried over Keira's loneliness.  It hurt me!  And I'm just the reader.  But Liam could Kiss it and make it all better.  Swoon!