Believe in Love - Book Review


Love at first sight is a phenomenon with many opinions. Some people believe that it can happen and some people do not. Some have experienced it and some believe that it isn’t love they experience but attraction. Either way, love is love and it doesn’t matter how it’s found. All of us should believe in the power of love. 

Amber Mitchell doesn’t believe that love at first sight exists and she’s certain that love won’t happen for her at all. She has been handed an ugly hand and she has put up big walls around her heart. Getting through them will not be an easy task. She also believes that no man should ever have to deal with all that comes with being a part of her life. She’s struggling to make ends meet and fiercely independent. Love is the last thing on her mind. 

Dylan Morgan is at a point in his life where he wants to find the right woman and start a life. Unfortunately, things in the love department haven’t happened for him. He knows that the right one is out there and continues his search. He’s smart, sexy, and ready to have his own family. An unexpected meeting brings Dylan and Amber together. There is an instant attraction between them. Can Dylan break down the walls around Amber’s heart? Will Amber trust that love conquers all and take a chance?

3.5 Stars

Amber is raising her younger siblings, after a family tragedy leaves them alone.  She makes sure they are loved and they have everything that they need.  Leaving little for herself.  Right before Christmas, Amber runs into her high school friend, Miranda who invites her over for Christmas Eve dinner.  It’s there that Amber meet’s Dylan, Miranda’s brother.   Their love is kismet and felt by everyone.  Love blossoms between Dylan and Amber.  But a potential rival appears, making a claim on Dylan, threatening their love and happiness.  

Can there be a happily ever after for Amber?  Is it fair to Dylan to bring all this baggage to the relationship? 

You could feel the love between Dylan and Amber.  In all his actions, he showed her, how special she is to him.  He took his time, he left her set the pace of their relationship.  Which for me, make Dylan a super star!  Yes, I love an Alpha, but sometimes a man needs to know when to push and when to just sit back and let the girl push.  Amber had a lot of baggage, she knew that, so did Dylan, but they overcame is all in the name of love. 

If you are searching for a feel good book, this is it! This is a delicate love story.  Very cutesy and all wrapped up nice and neat at the end.  I was hoping for more conflict, like a potential lover scorn, instead of an unstable/delusional woman.  I guess I was like Amber, always looking for the bad, but this book is full of goodness and happiness.  I’m not used to that.

All in all a good book, with a happy ending.