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Dawn - When they Return Book 1

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TITLE – DAWN SERIES – When They Return AUTHOR – M’Renee Allen GENRE – Horror PUBLICATION DATE – 11/13/15 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 10,000 novella PUBLISHER – Driven Independent Media COVER ARTIST – Driven Independent Media


Dawn Montgomery is not your average eleven year old.
Actually, Dawn is not your average person, period. No matter how many psychiatrists she sees, none of them can explain to her parents why she never feels hot, happy, excited or even hungry. However, there is one emotion Dawn does feel…fear.
Every time she looks into the mirror, she feels an overwhelming amount of fear at what’s staring back at her. Her doctors tell her what she’s seeing isn’t real. They say it’s a figment of her overactive imagination. If that’s true, why is this so-called mirage able to touch her, to harm her?
And why does it want her to kill… everyone?



“Dawn, dinner is ready,” her mother called again. “Come eat.”
She stood up and before she could turn around, her bedroom door began to creak open. She chanted her ‘it’s not real’ mantra, over and over again as she slowly turned around. Her bedroom door was wide open. But no one was there.
Moving slowly, she crept over to the door, glancing from left to right, fearing at any moment, the bloody mirage would jump out and grab her. She made it out into the hallway with no problems. In the hall the temperature was normal. She stared over her shoulder into her bedroom. Why was it so cold in there yet regular out here? She strode over to the stairs. Below, her mother and father were talking about his travels.
They sounded happy. They would begin singing a different tune once she arrived, especially if she told them what she was seeing and feeling. Dawn gripped the handrail and before she could take one step down the stairs, she felt a cold hand on her shoulder.
She spun around and stared into a pair of blood shot eyes.


M’Renee Allen is an author of horror and urban fiction. When she’s not writing in those genres she’s busy writing paranormal romance as Siren Allen and Romantic Comedies as Monica Garry-Allen. She resides in southern Mississippi with her wonderful husband.


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