Ravish Her Completely - Book Review


When Agata wakes up in the middle of nowhere after drinking an herb concoction given to her by an old Norwegian woman, she is confused and just wants to get home. She doesn’t get time to think about her situation because a towering man with battle scars and wielding an ax takes her as his property. Although there is a language barrier between her and the barbarian, she understands the word he keeps calling her: wife. 

When Stian Dagmar finds a woman alone and unconscious in the woods, the first thought he has is that he wants her as his wife. She will probably fight him, struggle for her freedom, but being with him is a lot safer than what his world will give her. 

Can Agata accept her new life and the feelings for Stian that grow within her, or will she go home the first opportunity that arises? 

 3.5 Stars
I bought this book, because it was recommended to me after I purchased a similar book.  This is an okay story.  It's only 87 pages long.  There was potential there to make this a great story, but it was just a skim of a story.

My Agata - 

Agata, is transferred back in time.  To a time when phones don't work and the villagers don't speak English.  She is found in the woods by the village outcast, Stian.  Who claims her as his wife.  There is a language barrier, but like everything else, actions speak louder than words.  Agata plans her escape, only to have it foiled by the villages.  When they do finally get their acts together, its sweet, sweet music between them. But will the villagers stand for his actions?  Or will they tear the two star crossed lovers apart?

The sex is what kept me interested.  The fact that he was trying not to be an animal with Agata, showed that he had compassion and wasn't a Beast.  Agata, for all her resolve, just couldn't hold out.  I couldn't either if I was with a man like him, no judging here!  A take charge man, who cared for her and when she runs off comes after her.  Yeah, I'll drink that kool aid too!

Here is what I wanted, a longer story!  

My Stian - HELLO!!