The Girl in 6E - Book Review

On one of my many shopping trips, I ran across this book.  It was with the FSOG, Bared to you books, so I figured it was something similar.  Kind of sort of.  Does that make sense?  Anyhow, once I started I was hooked on how dark and intense it was.  Just so you are all aware, this is NOT a romance, this is more suspense with a sprinkle of kink.  


difficult task, but it's not. Not anymore, thanks to the internet.

I am, quite possibly, the most popular recluse ever. Not many shut-ins have a 200-member fan club, a bank account in the seven-figure range, and hundreds of men lining up to pay for undivided attention.

They get satisfaction, I get a distraction. Their secret desires are nothing compared to why I hide... my lust for blood, my love of death.

Taking their money is easy. Keeping all these secrets... one is bound to escape.

What if you hid yourself away because all you could think of was killing? And what if one girl's life depending on you venturing into society?

Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre

3.5 Stars

I wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't what I got.  However, I did like it.  

This book is dark and intense.  At times I would cringe and think.  I couldn't imagine living like Deanna did/or is.  I was concerned on many levels for her well being and those around her.  She is disturbed.  And while I liked it, I also cringed.  I had a hard time with the POV switching between her and several other characters.  

Deanne is trying to protect everyone that lives in her apartment building, not from a random criminal, but from herself.  She's bat shit crazy, or at least she thinks she is.  By staying in her apartment, locked up at night she is saving them all.  Otherwise she'd go on a killing spree and take everyone down.  Her only daily contact is with the package delivery man, Jeremy.  To combat her loneliness she is a Jessica, a web cam girl who will cater to all your sexual perversions.  That is where she meets Ralph, who is a perv.  Only this time Jessica is going to do something about it.  But will she be able too and not kill anyone?  Or will the demons that lurk in the dark recesses of her mind come forth and make her go mad?  Only time will tell.  

I was vested in this book, really got into it.  Really couldn't put it down until the end.  When Jessica/Deanna leaves her apartment and goes out hunting for Ralph.  This is the part where the story fell apart for me, if felt rushed, like okay, it has to end now.  It just came rushing to a climax and then was over.  

I did enjoy the book, was glad I took the crazy train.