Monday, July 6, 2015

Very Twisted Things - Book Review



A sassy violinist who lives next door.
An obsessed rock star who watches her through binoculars.
And one night when she bares it all.
Life will never be the same in Tinseltown.

Vital Rejects front guy Sebastian Tate never imagined his YouTube music video would go viral, sky-rocketing him to acting success in Hollywood.Okay, maybe he did. After all, he’s a cocky dude who knows he’s hot-as-hell, and it was only a matter of time before his stars aligned. 

But life in Tinseltown is never what it seems. 

After being cheated on by his ex-lover, his only rule to falling in love is simple: Keep Calm and Don’t Do It. So, spying on his mysterious new neighbor with binoculars seems innocent enough, but quickly escalates into an erotic game between two very unlikely people.

Twenty-year-old Violet St. Lyons is a world-renowned violinist who's lost her mojo on stage. She hides away in a Hollywood mansion, trying to find her way through her twisted past in order to make her future. 

He’s the life of the party with girls chasing him down for his autograph. She’s the introvert with a potty mouth who doesn’t even know who he is.

When they meet, stars collide, sparks fly, and clothes come off. Yet, giving his heart to a girl isn’t Sebastian’s plan; falling for a guy who craves attention isn’t Violet’s. 

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy—Hollywood style—where sometimes the best things in life are VERY TWISTED THINGS.

This book is a standalone even though it's part of a series. Everything you need to know is in this book. Genre: 18+ Hot New Adult Romance.

3 Stars

This is my first Briarcrest Academy Book.  It is a true stand alone, which is good.  

Everyone has tragedy in their life.  What you do with your grief sets everyone apart.  Violet moves from the East coast to the West coast.  She lives a sheltered life, but is relatively happy.  Sebastian is trying to make it big to repay his brother.    By chance they are neighbors in Hollywood hills.  So different, yet similar.  He has a sham of a girlfriend who wants more.   He just wants an acting gig.   Violet knows he watches her and she plays her violin for him, God know's she can't play for anyone else with out puking.  So this will have to do.  

Things tumble fast for them.  He wants her like his next breathe, but can't jeopardize his acting career.  But she won't play second fiddle to no one.  They keep breaking up, making excuses as to why this can't work.  No one, just gives it a try, until the end.  This is where I stopped loving the book.  They were to immature.  When V's ex showed up.  Sebastian turns into a jealous jerk.  I felt like saying, your acting career is to important to give up your sham girlfriend, but V has to give up everything to sit @ and wait for you?  Um no!  The bitch in me would have said, good sex or not, your not worth the hassle.  See ya!

But V is willing to roll over and give him another chance and then fireworks.  When Sebastian grows up and realizes, V is who he wants, only after he doesn't get the part.  So V sacrifices her privacy for Sebastian and sell her story.  So that he can have his movie and she can have him.  

Sex scene - mild.  
Violence - none

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