5 Random things about me....

You know you want to know! LOL
And here we go...

1.  I’m an only child and only girl in the family, that’s NOT married in. 
2.   I know @PAHoosier67 in real life.  In fact, I can toss a paperclip at her right now.  HI!!!  
3.  I have 2 cats; Rosie, my grey lady with a pink nose and Dew, my tortoise colored cat with green eyes, she is my protector and my cat, only mine.  No one else cat pet diva.
4.    My weakness is a great smile and kind eyes.  Helps if you have a book in your hands too.
5.     I’ve never traveled out of America.  Where I need a passport.  Plans are in the making as we speak to pop my non-passport cherry!!

Feel like sharing with me?  5 random things about you!!!  You can email me your list, if you are private.  I’m fine with that.  I promise not to share or post!  If you send a pic with your eyes and kind smile, please send your telephone number too and what you are currently reading.  Yeah, I like that!  Have a great one.  Back to the salt mine for me.  Break is over!