Vandal - Book Review


She takes my breath away; she is so beautifully damaged.  
Yes I had broken her, ravished her life, destroyed her happiness. I brought her to ultimate despair. I was responsible for all the pain and suffering that now brought her to her knees in front of me. 

Reckless in her agony. 

She is a mirror of my own tortured soul.

But what I took away I can give back.
In ways she cannot even begin to imagine.

She is everything right in all my wrongs.

She loves me. She needs me.

She has no idea I’m the one who wrecked her life.


I’m not sure where to start with this book review.  It’s so different than Storm and in a good way.  Because both Storm and Vandal are two very different people with their own shit to deal with.  I’m very impressed with how Carian Cole writes her characters. 

Vandal is the base player to the band, Ashes & Embers.  He has very few things in his life that mean anything to him.  But his daughter, Katie, she means the world to him.  His world is turned upside down by an accident.  An accident that he is responsible for.  Now he is a lifeless human, walking the Earth looking for peace and love.  Then he meets Tabitha, no meets isn’t the right word.  He stalks her.  When he realizes who she is, he knows in his heart that it’s his job to make her smile again.  By chance he offers her a ride on his bike to his cabin.  It’s there at the cabin that one door closes and another door opens.  But the door that opens, is it the right door?  Or did it burst open because they forced it? 

My Vandal:

Vandal can be a dick, plain and simple.  And I would have left a million times, but there was such a hurt in him.  He pushed Tabi away, because that's all he knew how to do.  He pushed and pushed, to test her trust and love to him.  

My Tabi:

The passion between Tabitha and Vandal is tangible.  You feel it as you read the book.  There is no doubt in your mind, your head, your being that these two aren’t fixing each other.  The way they do it, is pretty hot.  At least in my humble opinion.  I like how she opens up to Vandal, she trusts him in a way that she never trusted Nick.  Yes, she loved Nick, but the love that they had was different, than what she shares with Vandal.  Vandal and Tabitha are more soul mates, while Tabitha and Nick were together, because it was the next step in their relationship.  As they explore each other, they open up, let emotions in and accept certain things about each other.

I love when Vandal tattoo’s her back!  That is amazing, erotic, and shows the trust between the two.  She goes with it, because she trusts him.  WOW!

The last chapter, kind of pissed me off.  She chided him for what he did, when all along she wanted to play too.  I felt betrayed by that, worse than what Vandal did.  But in the end what mattered is that two broken people, began to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives and learn to trust and live again.  

Looking forward to the next book in the series!!