Threefold - Book Review

We aren't limited on how many children we love, or to the love of only one parent. Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner? What if our heart fell deeply for two people? 

Rain Bauer has had an awful life. After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18. Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for change in her life. As a young girl, she hoped for a prince, white horse, and a HEA, but it never came. 

While sitting on a park bench contemplating change, her prince comes not on a white horse, but a Harley-Davidson. 

Ethan Hawthorne is a 32 year old Harley riding tattooed hunk. After inviting her to his apartment for dinner, Rain learns Ethan and his roommate Cade are loving, caring, kind, and compassionate. 

When she is invited to stay the night and wait out a terrible storm, the changes she has been hoping for begin to unfold...

But is she ready for what life is going to toss her way?

"I had always hoped one day love would call my name; and when it did, I’d be able to answer. I had no idea the call would come from two different directions at the same time." - Rain

3.5 Stars
I stumbled upon this book awhile ago. I'm not sure how, but I thought the blurb sounded good. On a whim, I ordered it and read it in 2 days. I was intrigued by so many facets of this book. A love triangle? A homeless girl? Two male non-gay roommates? Hmmmmm...let's see how this plays out.

Rain is a homeless woman in Kansas, she had a tragic childhood and decided to run away. How did that work out? Not to good so far. But as luck would have it, Ethan a biker stops and invites her up to his condo. 

My Rain:

Not knowing Ethan, I'm like, okay why? 

She meets Cade, Ethan's room mate/college friend. Cade is the girl of the non-romantic relationship. He cooks, cleans, decorates, etc. They offer Rain a bed for the night, well Ethan does. 

Again, I'm thinking why? 

My Ethan:

Time goes, they grow attached to Rain, kind of like a lost puppy that they feed and pet at their leisure. Then things shift, luck steps in again and Rain is given a chance, a second chance at life. Which she happily accepts.  Their lives change and entwine, they become a family.  They become what each other needs/wants.  Just as things start feeling right,  Ethan begins to feel like a third wheel so he gives Rain and Cade a test, to see if he is thinking correctly.   Without the chain is broke, the love falters.  

My Cade:

Will it back fire? Or will the tug pull him in?

I like the premise of the book, however, I was a little unsure of Rain.   Some of the things she said and did, made me question her sanity.   Then I had to remember, that she's been on her own since graduating high school, so that can't be easy.  Kudos to her.  But I kept waiting for Cade to open her up and help her through her past, which never happens.  Ok.  

This is a book about 2 men who have a strong connection and a woman.  The woman has a strong connection with the men.  Those 3 connections make a spark and form love.   There's no  drama in this story, just the message of love and questioning how it's been defined.  Could this work?  Yes, I'm sure there are couples out there right now, living this life and are happy!