Hemlock:Tales of a Traveler - Book Review

Earlier this week I found a link of books to read after you read and loved Outlander.  Now I will admit, I only read the first book in the Outlander Series, but I have them all.  Why did I stop?  Well because there are other books I wanted to read before the rest of the series.   Well this site PopSugar had a list of 23 books that are similar.

23 Books to Read if You Love Outlander

A few intrigued me so I added them to my wish list, due to the price.  $9.99 for an ebook?  No way!  But that's another topic.  Right now Hemlock is free for on Amazon for Prime members, see the link below. Check it out.  Here is my review for Hemlock.


When a modern-day woman finds herself stranded in a medieval world, an attractive outlaw offers her protection in the role of his 'wife', and promises to help her find a way back home. Until then, Martha must attempt to fit into medieval society, avoid the Evil Earl and his minions, and learn how to trust her heart again.

4 Stars

I would NOT compare this book to Outlander. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

Martha Bigalow is out for a refreshing hike in the hills when she losing her footing, goes down in the cold creek and winds up in another time. A time without cell phones, women's lib, and a town. 

A kindly stranger, Hemlock plucks her from the creeks edge and shelters her in his cave. He is like Robin Hood of his time. She is out of sorts for his time and possibly a witch. He must be on guard all the time @ this one.  

Their is fire between the two, but he doesn't want to push her and she doesn't know how he truly feels about her. Its a mystery that takes up most of the book. That was the only disappointing part. I so badly wanted them to knock boots. They'd get close, the kissing was intense, but then the sex came and it was over so quickly. I thought I missed it. That's my only complaint.

Otherwise, I loved Martha and V. There was chemistry, there was passion, their was love and respect! All things that are important and needed between 2 people. The story does end with a cliff hanger...

 There is so much I want to tell you about this book, but I'm afraid if say to much I'll spoil it for you, so just read it.  For free, I'd give it a shot.  I will be reading book #2 Wolfsbane. I have to know what happens!!


  1. Wow! Thanks for that fabulous review, Amy. I really appreciate it. Have a great day! :)


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