Forever's Fight - Book Review

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Fighting for love and family.

Patrick O’Reilly left behind his medical practice when he and his siblings were forced into hiding. Determined to live through the war against their species, they vow to serve their kind. Patrick will risk it all to ensure none of them end up as experiments in a government lab.

Clarissa Greenwood worked all her life to become a scientist, and to get the position at Hathaway Medical where she thought she would be able to find cures for diseases. Instead, she is witness to experiments on shifters. Disgusted by the truth, she gathers as much information as she can, and flees. She wants no part of the experiments—even if the cost is her life.

Shifters Underground was created to serve their species, not to help a human who had worked for one of the organizations that was hunting them. A message from a trusted shifter leaves them with no other option but to search for a woman who might be able to help them. A treacherous journey brings two destined mates together. Now Patrick and Clarissa must work together to protect not only each other, but all the shifters who fight for their lives, for love, and for family.


I haven't read a shifter book in a long time!  This was a good book to bring me back into the fold. 

Clarissa works at a lab, she took the job thinking she'd be curing cancer.  That's not the case.  Her company is testing on shifters.  Doing all sorts of horrible things to them.  The world fears what they don't know or understand.  To protect herself she runs away and heads out on her own.  It doesn't take long for Patrick, Alpha to a lion pride to find her and realize she is his true mate.  But will she accept him and his beast?  Or does she feel like everyone else and fears him?  

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Together they try to help the shifter community.  To release those captured and to reunite families if they can.  They also have to find the cure for LUNA, a drug that will cause a shifter to go from human to beast.  Can Clarissa find an antidote?  Can she open her heart?  Can a human and shifter work side by side with trust?

The story line for this book is good.  I felt like it wasn't just about Patrick claiming Clarissa as his mate, there was a point to the story.  *GASP*  You get to know Patrick and Clarissa and what is driving them.  It's a stealthy romance.
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