Do you know what that stands for?

Go ahead and guess!  I dare you.

I’m not talking about computer logic, even though I could, but not now.  I’ll save that for a day when you are really bored out of your gourd!

No, it’s not Drake N Future.


As in I did not finish that book.  UGH!  I’m not a fan of DNF books.  Usually I can push through and finish, leave the review and quickly forget about the book.  But a DNF hangs over my head.

I don’t have many of these, but there are a few.  I even have a shelf on my GoodReads account for those unfortunate books.  It doesn’t even matter that some are in my genre of choice.  My DNF are like a disease, no rhyme or reason.  They can strike out of the blue.
Do I feel bad about them?  I used too, but then I realized that I can’t love all books.  That some books, characters, and plots aren’t for everyone.   I’ve embraced it now and I move on quickly with a quick slip to the DNF shelf and onto the next book.  Hoping that, this new book will over power that bitter taste I have in my mouth.  I pray to the Book Gods and start reading my new book.  Sometimes it works and sometimes, I just need to walk away and take a few days off from reading.