The Red Fang - Book Review

One day I was poring over FaceBook posts and came across Nicola Matthews asking if anyone would read and review her book The Red Fang.  I read the blurb, Vampire, Super Natural.  HELL YEAH!  I sent her a PM and crossed my fingers that she would respond.  Low and behold, she did.  And thus started a beautiful book relationship.


Eight years ago a half-fey named Ethereal Oscurita found refuge in the city of Shadow Cove, taken in by the Master Vampire known as Requiem. Now the life she has worked so hard to build will come under attack by the very species that she calls her own. Now her life, as well as the lives of her supernatural family, hangs in the balance as the vampires and wereanimals of Shadow Cove must unite against the organization known only as SHiELD. Will their union be enough to drive SHiELD back underground, or is this the beginning of the end for all supernatural creatures across the globe?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Take a bite outta life.
WARNING: graphic violence

4 Stars

Requiem is the Master Vampire of the city, Shadow Cove. His ‘family’ and all the other super naturals around the area are being hunted by the SHEiLD. One by one they are being picked off. When the SHEiLD comes knocking at Requiem’s door, he doesn’t just answer, he explodes along with what is left of the super naturals. Ethereal, a half fey belongs to Requiem’s family, but she is willing to give it her all to protect her family.

But will this tear Requiem’s family apart at the seams leaving them all dead? Or will they triumph over the SHEiLD? Who sent them and what do they want? 

This is a fast paced read that has you hanging on the edge. At the beginning you are drawn in by the characters and their personalities. How they all interact. The vamps are always so proper with their manners, the wolves, dogs all of them. But they are each their own, which is great. Ethereal is the only half fey in existence, not something she carries lightly. She knows the sacrifice her parents made for her and the sacrifice Requiem made for her too. She’s a smart cookie. A lonely, smart cookie. 

There is love, hot sex, and fighting in this book. All the right stuff for a paranormal book.