Cardboard - YA Graphic Novel

I've never read a Graphic Novel before and frankly I wasn't sure what I was getting into.  A week ago I was lucky enough to attend a YA birthday party.  The boy in question is now a very mature 8.  He loves to read, so what better gift then books!!  Barnes & Noble here I come.  But before I went I did some research.  I knew he love The Magic Tree House series, but has all the books, Hardy boys, has those too.  Then I ran across Graphic Novels and thought HEY!  What the hell!

Thus my plunge into the Graphic Novel arena.  I'm so excited!  Anyhow, birthday boy read the book in two days and gave it to me.  I read all 238 pages last night and really loved it!


When cardboard creatures come magically to life, a boy must save his town from disaster.

Cam's down-and-out father gives him a cardboard box for his birthday and he knows it's the worst present ever. So to make the best of a bad situation, they bend the cardboard into a man-and to their astonishment, it comes magically to life. But the neighborhood bully, Marcus, warps the powerful cardboard into his own evil creations that threaten to destroy them all!


Dad is down out and out, thanks to the sucky economy(We can all relate), but it's son, Cam's birthday and he can't go home empty handed. He runs across a man selling odd gifts. The man gives him a card board box with 2 rules; Give the scraps back and ask for no more cardboard. 

At home the neighborhood bully, Marcus pokes fun of the empty box Dad brought home. No one, not even Cam or Dad are prepared for what the cardboard box holds. Marcus plays up the victim card and steals some cardboard to create his own minions that reek havoc over the neighborhood. Can it be stopped in time? Can the cardboard be contained?

The illustrations are amazing. They pop right out of the book and come to life. The writing is great too, the story sucks you in and you start to look at things differently. You use your imagination too. Which is way cool!!   And like every good YA book there is a moral message.  

I'd recommend this book for any kid, boy or girl, from 8+ who likes to read. Yes, it does have some dark parts when the cardboard goes to war, but nothing major.