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The man slid the light over the contents in the van again. “Mind telling me what all this stuff is?”
Yes he sure did mind but making enemies with the law was the last thing he’d do. “It’s a mistake.” Lucian raked a hand through his hair then gestured to the catastrophe. “As you can see, I’m got married and… part of our tradition… in the family is uh… practical jokes. Big ha ha ordering one of every item in the kinky toy catalog and having it delivered on my wedding day.”
“Practical joke?” The man slowly perused the countless boxes again, seeming to enjoy the little torment. Most of the containers were unidentifiable save the few that sported images of their devious contents—a purple dildo with anal pleasures attached being one that was right in plain sight. “Or a mistake?”
A grin flashed on the man’s face before he assaulted Lucian’s eyeballs with that fucking high beam again. “That is one expensive mistaking joke,” he said.
“Nah, it’s all going back.” Lucian slid both hands in his slacks with a shrug. “The joke only cost shipping and that’s their bill, not mine.”
“So you don’t plan on using all this?”

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