The Reclamation - Book Review

Sarah: “My entire life has spiraled into chaos—and yet, all I can think about is my raging, thumping, insatiable addiction to Jonas’ magical touch. He’s unleashed an all-consuming hunger inside me that can only be satisfied when Jonas finally surrenders to me the same way I’ve surrendered to him—mind, body and soul.” 

Jonas and Sarah’s addictive love story picks up right where the first book left off, hurtling to a heart-stopping conclusion that will leave readers breathless and screaming for the unforgettable final installment of The Club Trilogy.

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back,"  His voice brims with emotion.  "My  song is now complete." *SIGH*  This made me love Jonas even more.  What a man!


This book picks up right where book #1 in the series, The Club left off.  Jonas is in protector mode and Sarah is in plotting and scheeming mode.   Josh has flown in to help Jonas.  They need to figure out what to do about The Club.   Jonas wants to do it all without including Sarah, but Josh, he wants to include her because, well she is smart and the master mind!  

Sarah is no shy violet, that woman has a mind and isn't afraid to use it.  She had to rely on herself all the time.  To have Jonas hand her things is foreign to her.  I like how she takes control of the situation and makes Jonas her pawn.  Trust is more important that Love.   Sarah shows Jonas that, through her actions.

Can their plan work?  Can Jonas and Sarah get to The Club before The Club gets to them?    

The library scene, so HOT!  Can I order that to go?  

The end....OMG!  I cried for Jonas and Sarah.  I felt Jonas' pain and his heart break, it was freaking terrible.

I get that the book needed that cliff hanger, but holy shit, I was NOT happy about it.  Ok, I was fine, because book #3 is already out, but if I would have had to wait,  poor Ms. Rowe would have been getting spammed by me every day about this!   Is it done yet?  Is it done yet?  How about NOW?  NOW?  And NOW?