Dear Customer: Inside the World of Baristas, Upselling, and the Rules of Serving a Special Cup of Coffee

Dear customer who is reading this book blurb:
Have you ever thought how relaxing it would be to work in a coffee shop? You might have thought, “Yeah, I'd like to become a barista, I wonder how hard it is?” You may have thought how nice it would be to have regular customers, chit-chatting about their day. It would be like a fun sitcom! Have you wondered how great it must be to talk coffee - the taste, smell, and nuances – with people who are passionate about coffee? You may have wondered if the decaf coffee is any different than regular coffee. Have you ever thought about buying a coffee shop?

Or, have you ever wondered why your local coffee shop sucks, that the employees are so slow and so dumb, and they can never get your order right?

This book is a stunning, no-holds-barred, vicious, yet poignant look at a coffee shop near you.

4 Cups of Coffee - I mean 4 stars

A quirky look at the life behind the counter and the many faces of customers. This book will have you laughing and scratching you head at the same time. Can you pick yourself out as one of the customers? I thankfully wasn't able to! YEAH!

I've never work as a barista or anything dealing with the public and after reading this book, I'm actually thankful that I didn't. You should probably be thankful too. For me, its decaf or regular, anything else you can get yourself. 

I would like to read the next book Mr. Brown publishes. This book flows and pulls you in, so that you are a customer waiting in line. Sandwiched between someone who is late and someone who is playing on their phone. Good luck with that!