A Moment - Book Review

I picked this book up for free.  Book Bub suggested it, so I figured for free, how can I go wrong?  I started the book two days ago and skimmed some sections of this book.  If you are looking for intense characters, this is your book.  Hot sex, not your book.  A good plot, ehh, you be the judge.

A chance meeting... Life didn't turn out the way I'd ever hoped it would. I got pregnant at 14. Same year my mom got diagnosed with MS. Dad bailed on us and my life felt like it suddenly started to spiral out of control. I'm 21 now, I go to college, I work hard, trying to make something of myself. I wasn't supposed to be at that burlesque bar Valentine's Day. I wasn't supposed to meet Ryan Cosgrove, but I did. And now nothing will ever be the same. Love born from pain... I'm a retired Marine, an MMA fighter, and when I was younger something terrible happened to me. Life is hard and I'm so tired of pretending its not. I'm in a burlesque bar, drowning my sorrows, trying to shut out the demons breathing down my neck always reminding me I'm not good enough. Then I see Liliana Delgado and something inside of me- something I'd thought long dead- stirs to life. I wonder... can she save me? I hope she can, because I don't think I can save myself. This is our moment...


Liliana and Ryan were dealt a $hitty hand in life. Lili gets knocked up at 14, her mom has MS, her dad leaves, and her son has autism. Ryan's demons are really dark. But for Lili, Ryan wants to be better. He wants more than a one night stand and sadness in his life. He wants someone who wants him as much as he wants her. Lili is his dove of peace who can calm him and stir him up at the same time. But can Ryan fight his demons? Can Lili not run away screaming when she learns his secrets? 

This was an okay book. I liked it, but I skimmed some of it. I read about their bad life chapters ago. I just couldn't get into it. I finished it, because I wanted too. The characters were great, but the plot wasn't enough to hook me and keep me interested.